The Lodge at Ketton Park


Welcome to the our Eco friendly and Green Apartment


         In 2012 we reached a Carbon Neutral target in the Mid Summer with the many features we have included for your benefit this efficiency continues to date (2023)

         From the completion of the Annex we have always looked for energy efficient solutions



          During construction our Architect required a number of energy efficient measures to be used including –


          Double glazed Sash Sliding windows to aid ventilation and enjoyment of the open aspects of the annex

          The Lounge, dining room and bedroom all have fixed ceiling fans for comfort and additional ventilation when required

          30% greater wall insulation than the building standard has been used together with 250mm thick roof insulation

          New Combi Boiler for hot water and heating

          Under-floor heating to the apartment to give maximum control

          Zoned heating to the existing house – separated for upstairs and downstairs.

          Additional cavity wall insulation in the old house,

          New 250mm roof insulation to the old house,

          Solar thermal panels built into the roof to supply hot water with a 310 ltr main cylinder to increase storage. 

          Solar thermal provides all hot water during the summer months with an occasional  £0.45 per day top up using gas heating between May and Mid October.



          Rainwater harvesting - the roof-water run off is collected into an underground storage chamber for reuse in topping up the ponds and also for garden watering.

          Older areas of roof have rainwater collected to four above ground storage barrels.

          Grass cuttings and other garden waste is composted.

          Other green waste is collected two-weekly for recycling

          Glass bottles are collected separately and recycled in specialist containers at Manton together with other large cardboard waste.

          Newspapers, tins and small cardboard waste is collected two-weekly for recycling


Solar PV

          Following the commissioning of Solar Photo voltaic panels in November 2011 with a maximum capacity of 2.55kwh we  achieve  zero net electricity use in times of peak solar energy.

          Over 12 months we tipically generate over 3100kwh of electricity each year & reached a carbon neutral situation in  each  mid summer since 2012


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The Lodge at Ketton


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